The world adores me!
The narcissistic fifth-born.

"The Avatar of Lust who can charm people by just having them stare into his eyes. He holds several Asmo gatherings a month."

Asmodeus is the Avatar of Lust and the 5th oldest among the seven demon brothers. He is one of the main characters in Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All that is involved in the intimacy system of the game; therefore, users can interact and raise their relationship with him.


Asmodeus has champagne-colored hair with long, sweeping bangs on the left side. His eyes are light orange with a yellow gradient. He is the shortest of the brothers, but often wears high heels, which makes him look taller. Like his brothers, Asmodeus paints his nails. His nail polish is pink and lime green, or sometimes teal, in a pattern that alternates every nail.

Demon Form

Asmodeus in demon form

Asmodeus' demon form consists of a black, sleeveless, button-down shirt with black roses decorating the front and a golden scorpion wrapped around it. There is a heart-shaped hole on the back of his shirt. He wears two black cuffs at his wrists. His pants are black, the right leg consisting of consecutive gray and black fabric bucked all they way to the ankle. He has four bat-like, curly tipped wings and a pair of horns with pink-tinted tips jutting out from his head. He has three heart-shaped birthmarks on his left arm.

School Uniform

Asmodeus in RAD uniform

Asmodeus wears the standard RAD uniform with the uniform's belt looped around on his side. He wears his green collared shirt in a well-buttoned manner and has a light pink ribbon in place of a tie.

Casual Attire

Asmodeus in casual outfit

Asmodeus wears a white stand collar jacket with a zipper closed from an estimated area of his belly button to his chest. He is revealed to wear a pink shirt inside of his jacket. His pants are in a reddish-pink color with 2 pockets at the front on each side. A belt in a shade of orange is worn around his pants and he wears black leather shoes. A black scarf loosely wrapped around his shoulders.

Human World Look

Asmodeus in Human World outfit

Asmo wears a pink off-shoulder sweater that subtly fades into white to the bottom, with black buttons at the sleeves. Underneath it, he wears a black sleeveless turtleneck. He also has navy, skinny jeans on. To match the outfit, he wears a golden necklace with indigo-purple gemstone around his neck, and a pair of round sunglasses hung on the sweater.


Asmodeus is a natural flirt and considered to be very charming. He takes pride in his looks and considers himself a "gift meant to be shared with the entire world". As such, he takes extra care of his appearance and strictly follows a beauty ritual.

Asmodeus is extremely shameless and does not care if he causes trouble for others, as seen during the time the group gets sucked into Helene's portrait. It is revealed that his affair with Helene had ruined her life and ended up with her getting cursed into a painting, but Asmodeus managed to walk up to her and talk as if they were long-lost buddies.

Despite his narcissism, Asmodeus is hinted to be insecure and a seeker of love and attention. When Simeon was asked about what he thought of Asmodeus, he says that Asmodeus is still trying to fulfill the role of the angel he used to be; an angel that was adored and loved by many. Asmodeus laughs at Simeon's remark and brushes it off by saying that he is only jealous.

In the beginning, he treats MC indifferently but is curious about why his power wasn't working on them but quickly brushes it off. Later when MC summons him by using Solomon's power, he's greatly impressed that MC is able to draw out his demonic powers more potently than Solomon is able to. After that, he becomes smitten with MC and overly flirts with them, much to Mammon's annoyance. Later on, he admits to loving MC as much as himself.

While Asmodeus sees himself as the most beautiful of his brothers, he's shown to be attracted to Beelzebub's and Lucifer's sculpted bodies for he often tries every chance to strip them so he can see their physique. While he mainly gets along with his brothers, he does get annoyed with them, such as with Beelzebub when he ate a particular sweet he wanted to post on Devilgram, and often clashes with Mammon.



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Main Story

When first introduced, Asmodeus spoke with confidence that Lucifer, who dreaded the idea of introducing his brothers, should be honored to be able to introduce such a sweet, beautiful, charming little brother such as him. If MC questions about his avatar, Asmodeus tries to seduce them with his charm and he becomes surprised when it doesn't really affect them much.

Before the fuss about Mammon forming a pact with MC, he and Satan are seen to be playing a friendly game of cards with Solomon. After a round, Solomon asks Asmodeus and Satan on why they always put down Mammon and that shouldn’t they be a bit more respectful since he was their older brother.

Satan and Asmodeus both answer that it's because Mammon acts the most foolish out of all of them, but Satan quickly sets aside the subject in favor of relaying the information he got from Lucifer that MC had been able to make a pact with Mammon. When Solomon expresses surprise at the news, Asmodeus goes on to question why forming a pact with a demon was considered as such a big deal, putting forth the easy nature of his own pact with Solomon as an example.

When MC has a competition with Leviathan, Asmodeus becomes the host and provides MC with relatively easy questions while giving Leviathan extremely hard ones.

When the brothers were due to stay at the Demon Lord's Castle for the school retreat, Asmodeus is assigned to room with both MC and Simeon, to which he boldly proclaims that they must be very pleased at the fact they get to share a room with him and be able to see different sides of him.

Mammon demands to trade places with him (making false claims about both Solomon and Satan's characters as his assigned roommates), but Asmodeus easily sees through Mammon and knows that he's only doing it because he wants to share a room and be close to MC, and Asmodeus refuses just to spite him.

Later on during the tour of the castle, he encounters Helene and flirts with her, despite the fact that she is blatantly angry at him and blames him for her imprisonment. As an act of revenge, Helene uses her magic and attempts to suck Mammon, Leviathan, and Beelzebub into her painting and succeeds in doing so. As Solomon was being pulled by her magic, he grabs onto Asmodeus and drags the Avatar of Lust with him while saying it was only right because Asmodeus was the reason all of this was happening.

Before they manage to get completely sucked in, however, Asmo grabs onto MC, pulling them along and they all transported down to the castle's labyrinth. Asmodeus manages to get separated from everyone else until Solomon summons him to his and MC's side, and Asmo chastises him for the uncouth summoning. The three reunite with Mammon, Leviathan, and Beelzebub as they're being chased by Henry 1.0. Solomon then enhances Asmodeus' power and Asmodeus is able to charm the snake for them to safely leave the labyrinth unscathed.

The next day during the scavenger hunt, Asmodeus photobombs every shot and even charms a statue in order to prove a point and ruining the experience for everyone. When called out for his behavior, he leaves in a huff saying that he didn't felt like being lectured and MC follows after him. The conversation leads to MC stating that they want to make a pact with him so that Asmodeus can be controlled, but he laughs and haughtily says that he doesn't go around making pacts with humans all willy-nilly.

He agrees to enter one if they can obtain a photo of Lucifer sleeping (something which MC, Mammon, Leviathan, and Satan tried before and failed), and prove that they are worthy of his respect by accomplishing a near-impossible feat.

Asmodeus is later summoned by MC (who had temporarily borrowed a fraction of Solomon's powers) back into the labyrinth, much to his surprise, and when MC begins to recite Solomon's incantation for the purpose of enhancing Asmodeus' abilities in order to charm Henry 1.0 once more, Asmodeus states that he feels an overwhelming surge of power throughout his entire being and he was able to charm the snake again and exit the labyrinth for good.

As Lucifer was lecturing MC, Mammon, Leviathan, and Beelzebub for trying to take a picture of him in his sleep, Asmodeus suddenly announces that he'll be making a pact with MC, even though they were unable to fulfill his demand. He goes on to state that his reason for doing so even though MC had failed is because he was greatly impressed by the unexpected show of skill MC possessed back in the labyrinth.

Afterwards, Asmodeus is seen playfully flirting with MC back in their room until Mammon barges in and demands that he stays away from MC. Due to the commotion they were making, everyone else gathers inside the room and a pillow fight ensues.

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  • His symbolic animal is a scorpion, which symbolizes passion and dominance.
    • His battle dance stage has a rabbit, an animal that is often associated with lust.
  • In the Dark Santa Event in 2019, he gifted underwear to Luke.
  • As stated in Issue 5 of the RAD Newspaper, Asmo likes listening to healing music.
  • Due to his actions in the past, a witch named Helene was banished into a portrait.
  • He is one of 72 demons to have forged a pact with Solomon.
    • Solomon stated that Asmodeus gifted him a huge oil painting of himself when they first formed a pact.
    • This makes him the only brother to be in multiple pacts with humans besides MC.
    • In Biblical Mythology, Asmodeus and King Solomon are featured in a story together.
  • His voice actor, Ayme Miura, sang the official opening song of Obey Me!, "Sinful Indulgence."
    • He also sings the song "Loveless" featured at the end of Season 2, and the song for Season 3, "Celestial Ray".
  • Simeon mentioned that Asmodeus once dyed his hair pink and the result was so bad that his eyes hurt whenever he looked at it directly.
  • Diavolo has always wanted to come to his parties but has never been invited.
  • It is revealed that if anybody were to look into his eyes, Asmodeus can charm and manipulate them.
    • It's stated that all demons have this ability, but Asmodeus's is much more powerful.
  • His name on Devilgram is "AsmoBaby".
  • He is the fourth demon that MC makes a pact with.
    • He did so out of his respect for their abilities after they were temporarily given some of Solomon's magic.
  • In the TSL series, the Lord of Lechery is based on him.
  • It is revealed in the manga that he is the one who painted all of his brothers' nails, as well as his own.
    • He is the only brother with two alternating nail colors.
    • In some of Asmo's outfits (casual, RAD, and demon form), his nails are lime green and pink. In other outfits, his nails are teal and pink.
      • This makes him and Levi the only two brothers to have an inconsistent nail color.
  • He originally had a whitish hair color before the game's final draft.
  • He and Mammon are the only brothers who have never transformed into their demon forms and subsequently attack MC in anger.
    • He has, however, transformed out of anger at least once because of Mammon.
  • He is often seen with Satan, gossiping and such. They also have the same high demand for coffee.
  • Similar to Mammon, he sleeps in the nude and only wears cologne to bed.
  • His phone case is pink and blue.
  • According to the Which Are You? chat, he prefers smooth red bean paste over chunky because it's more creamy and rich.

From Lessons

(may contain spoilers)
  • According to Beelzebub in Lesson 5-17, Asmodeus once snuck a witch into the House of Lamentation and up his room.
    • Despite transforming into a spider to effectively hide, she was still discovered by Lucifer.
  • Asmo doesn't remember the moment when he made a pact with Solomon.
    • The pact was made after Asmodeus was insulted by humans and was sulking at a bar. Solomon met him there, and after learning Asmo was Lucifer's brother, the two drank the night away and ended up in a pact. (Lesson ?)
  • In Lesson 58-2, it is revealed that his biggest fear is looking ugly.

From Devilgram Stories

  • Despite mentioning his dislike for the winter season in Snowy Bliss, at one point he texts MC about it in chat, saying how he is jealous of humans having the winter season.
  • In Focus on Me, it's said that Asmodeus always wears flower earrings.
  • In A Song From the Heart, he starts a career as a singer and songwriter with a death metal song. The career continues in Too Good to Be True, where he deals with possessive fans.
  • In Popular with the Ladies, Asmodeus states that he attracts every type, but then also says that he attracts good-looking people.
  • In Satan's devilgram Be You, he says he's most afraid of himself.
  • In Beelzebub's Devilgram, Unspoken Affection, the results of the D.D.D. app "Demon Brain Scan" are that 80% of Asmodeus's brain is taken up by "me." The other 20% is split evenly between "beauty" and "other."
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