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Asmo's Acrobatics Devilgram.png
Asmo's Acrobatics
Mammoney Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 3
Card(s): Asmo's Acrobatics
L3V1 Story Key x3
Beelzeburger Story Key x5
monSOLO Story Key x8
#Stretching #Wannabe

Story Summary

Mammoney There he goes sayi...

Asmodeus stops MC in the hallway to ask them about professional acrobats in the human world. He goes on how about he's mostly interested about Chinese acrobatic troupes and wants to learn how to do the things these performance groups do, and he especially wants MC to learn together with him.

L3V1 Does everything have to be erot...

In Asmodeus's bedroom, MC is helping him to stretch, and he asks MC to push his back harder, but when MC does so, he cries out in pain, telling them he's not used to stretching like this. Then MC can choose to tease him by pushing his back harder, or promising they'll push more gently.

Beelzeburger He should train more.

After some stretching, Asmodeus realizes that it's not realistic to get on a professional's level overnight. From his research, he found out that the performers in acrobatic troupes train to be flexible from childhood - so it'd take him many years to achieve his goal. Then Aasmo teases MC about how he's still gifted when it comes to "acrobatics between the sheets". However, in the end he falls asleep, feeling too tired after all the stretching.

monSOLO My condolences.

The next morning at breakfast, Asmodeus keeps yawning, and Satan comments on how he must have been out all night again as usual, while Mammon notes that he doesn't understand how Asmodeus doesn't run out of money. The others talk about it for a while, when Asmodeus tells them to keep quiet and that he wasn't out last night, he just simply worked himself too hard with MC. This phrasing results in a shocked reaction from the rest, and whether MC tells them the truth or not, they still misunderstand the situation. Lucifer tells Asmodeus to go to the council room after school, but after Leviathan suggests that they'd beat him up, he strongly refuses to go.