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Vocals Lucifer
Album Arcadia
Release 25 August 2020
Label Obey Me! Records

Arcadia is the first character song that was released alongside with an audio drama called Save Me, Lucifer on August 25th, 2020. On August 14th, a short teaser was released and the cover art was revealed on August 18th.

The lyrics were written by Rui Fujishiro and the music was composed by Maeshima Soshi.


Singable English Translation

Translation by: Freya Hammar

This version of the song available here

Go ahead and breathe, my dear.
Meet me in our usual place.
Let yourself succumb to sleep and why not dream of me now, baby?
Those others can’t compete.
Why don’t you come with me?
I’ll make you see in colour, shades of blue, now take my hand and fly.

Don’t be afraid of me, I can’t lie
(This has gone far too long, now you’ve got nowhere to run.)
Now, I’ve got you all alone, and you’re mine.
(Always had the upper hand, why do I feel like you’re to blame?)

I wanna’ be the only one that you can see.
Is my heart just too cold for me to ask it of you?
Well, no matter who you choose, remember this simple fact:
You are never turning back, you are never turning back.

Trapped in this perfect dream, you’re side-by-side with me.
You don’t need anyone else, and I would never think of leaving, don’t you
Want to be, inside this dream with me?
Why don’t you wait and see, and give your heart to me?

Come with me now, we can go
Somewhere we can be alone.
Where else do you have to be if all this time you have been dreaming?
No other can compete
When you are here with me.
You’ve shown me every colour of your love now take my hand and fly.

Don’t be afraid of me, I can’t lie.
(I will always hold you tight, you can make my heart ignite.)
Just give in to your desires, we can fly.
(No one else here has to know, in our private afterglow.)

All that I want is to be united with you.
Now, is that so selfish that you cannot comply?
If you choose to stay inside this fantasy with me,
You are never coming back, you are never coming back.

You shine right through the dark,
Uncloud my blackened heart,
And I know deep inside, you want to be with me so why don’t you
Want to dream eternally with me?
Well, let’s just wait and see, you’ll give your soul to me.

(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
(You know I’ll find you, baby.)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
(You are my one and only.)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
(I’m falling for you badly)

Stay with me tonight, you belong to only me.

Inside my restless dreams, it’s only ever you.
And don’t you see, my love, I’d never let you run away from me I just
Want to dream eternally with you.
It can’t be helped, it’s true; My soul belongs to you.

Unofficial English Lyrics

Translation by: awesomekangaroo

Take a deep breath [1]
In the usual place...
...I’ll go and make you dream, so wait lady
Rather than those bastards, how about me? [2]
I’ll dye you in spectacular colours

Everything is alright, that’s not a lie
(Like a dead end, cornering you little by little)
I won’t forgive any disruptors anymore
(1 round KO play, but we’re still even)

I want to be your number one
But maybe I can’t love you that deeply
If you choose one person from us
You can’t go back, you can’t go back

In the dream you’re my captive
Nothing else matters right now
All the way back, deep, deep inside
Once you get addicted there’s no way out

Fly away to somewhere to a place we can’t be seen
Can’t be over if it’s just a dream, lady
Rather than those bastards, how about me?
I’m falling for your bewitching colours

Everything’s alright, it’s not a lie
(Don’t be afraid, just keep your eyes on me)
Don’t resist the temptation
(No one knows, I only want you) [3]

I want to be a part of you
But maybe that selfishness won’t come true
If you drown in this desire
You can’t go back, you can’t go back

You’re shining in the darkness
That’s the only thing I can rely on right now
Wherever, deep, deep inside
Once you get addicted, there’s no way out

Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
Where is my lover baby?

Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
You are the only for me

Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
I’m fall in love you badly
I’ll chase after you, the you who’s only mine

Inside the dream, following you
Right now, that’s the only thing I can do
Can’t stop feeling
Can’t deny this truth

Romanized Lyrics

Kokyū o totonoe itsumo no basho e
yumemi sase ni iku kara matte na yo, lady
anna yatsu yori ore to dōdesu ka?
Kimi o hanayakana iro ni somete yuku

Subete alright, uso janai
(ikidomari no yō ni jiwajiwa oitsumeru)
Mō jama-mo no wa yosha shinai
(1 round KO geki na noni imada heikōsen)

Kimi no ichiban ni naritaikedo
tabun sonnani fukaku wa aisenai
kitto kono naka de hitori erabu nara
mō modorenai, mō modorenai

Yume no nakade kimi o toriko ni
ima wa tada sore ijō no koto wa nai
oku made mo fukaku, fukaku
hamattara mō nukedasenai

Ima o tobikoe, imada minu basho e
yume no mama nankaja owarenai yo, lady
anna yatsu yori ore to dōdesu ka?
Kimi no adeyakana iro ni horete iku

Subete alright, uso janai
(kowagaranaide ore dake mitete)
mō yūwaku ja midasenai
(daremo shiranai kimi dake hoshī)

Kimi no ichibu ni naritaikedo
tabun sonna wagamama wa kanawanai
kitto konna yokubō ni oboretara
mō modorenai, mō modorenai

Yami no naka de kimi wa hikaru
ima wa tada sore dake ga tayori nanda
doko made mo fukaku, fukaku
hamattara mō nigedasenai

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Where is my lover? Baby

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You are the only for me

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm fall in love you baby
Ore dake no kimi o oikakete

Yume no nakade kimi o tadoru
ima wa tada sore dake shika dekinai yo
tomaranai omoihaseru
shinjitsu wa mō ugokasenai

Kanji Lyrics

呼吸を整え いつもの場所へ
夢見させに行くから 待ってなよlady
あんなやつより 俺とどうですか?
君を華やかな 色に染めてゆく

全て alright 嘘じゃない
(行き止まりのように じわじわ追い詰める)
もう 邪魔者は 容赦しない
( 1 round KO劇 なのに未だ平行線)

君の一番に なりたいけど
多分 そんなに深くは 愛せない
きっとこの中で 1人 選ぶなら
もう戻れない もう戻れない

夢の中で 君を虜に
今はただ それ以上の事はない
奥までも 深く深く
ハマったらもう 抜け出せない

今を飛び越え 未だ見ぬ場所へ
夢のままなんかじゃ 終われないよlady
あんなやつより 俺とどうですか?
君の艶やかな色に 惚れていく

全て alright 嘘じゃない
(怖がらないで 俺だけ見てて)
もう 誘惑じゃ 乱せない
(誰も知らない 君だけ欲しい)

君の一部に なりたいけど
多分 そんな我儘は 叶わない
きっとこんな 欲望に 溺れたら
もう戻れない もう戻れない

闇の中で 君は光る
今はただ それだけが頼りなんだ
どこまでも 深く深く
ハマったらもう 逃げ出せない

yeah yeah yeah yeah
Where is my lover? baby
yeah yeah yeah yeah
You are the only for me
yeah yeah yeah yeah
I'm fall in love you baby
俺だけの君を 追い掛けて

夢の中で 君を辿る
今はただ それだけしか出来ないよ
止まらない 想い馳せる
真実はもう 動かせない

Translator Notes

  1. Directly translated is 'fixing up my breath'
  2. Bastards is a slightly strong word.
  3. can be interpreted in two ways. either what I wrote in the translation or 'I want a you that nobody else knows about'


  • Arcadia is a greek word which refers to a vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature. The term is derived from the Greek province of the same name. Arcadia is a poetic shaped space associated with bountiful natural splendor and harmony. It's also seen as a lost, Edenic form of life, contrasting to the progressive nature of Utopian desires.