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About the Human World
DDSimeon Intimacy: Not Required
Card(s): About the Human World
Belphie Story Key x3
Mammoney Story Key x5
L3V1 Story Key x8
#Ruri-chan #Art

Story Summary

DDSimeon l'm interested too.

Leviathan is very suspicious when he and MC get summoned to the Demon Lord's Castle. They are greeted by Lord Diavolo who reveals to them that he is interested in broadening his knowledge of the human world.

Belphie Even Lord Diavolo can't...

Diavolo explains that the reason he picked MC is because they are human and Leviathan - for being an expert in human culture. Levi is relieved that his worries were all for nothing. Levi starts off by rambling about Ruri-chan and the plot of The Magical Ruri Hana: Demon Girl. MC tries to stop him but Diavolo says otaku culture is important as well and asks Levi to tell him more. Levi takes out his DDD and shows off characters to Diavolo, explaining who they are and how they relate to the story.

Mammoney Human world casinos!

Diavolo offers Leviathan a sip of water for all the talking he did and comments on how his ability to speak at such length on a single topic is one of his talents, which surprises Levi. Diavolo turns to MC and asks them what form of human culture they would recommend. MC is unsure what to offer but the prince says it does not matter what they talk about, as he is curious, after hearing that the human world has many more forms of entertainment than Devildom. MC asks for pointers to which Diavolo comments that he is interested in arts and cute things. Levi is surprised by that last bit of info.

L3V1 Talking with Lord Diavolo?!

Diavolo says that small animals and flowers are comforting and fine arts soothe the soul. He mentions reading a book about a legendary museum a long time ago and asks MC if they visit museums often. Diavolo comments on how he wishes to see some famous works up close and expresses regret that the artistic culture in Devildom is underdeveloped. The three talk about trying their hands at art and Diavolo asks Leviathan to be their teacher as he looks at wonderful art all the time but Levi says they should turn to Satan instead. Diavolo asks MC to show him around some museums in the human world someday and sends the two off by saying they should do this again sometime, promising Levi to watch the entire Ruri-hana series before that.