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A Perfect Winter Romance Devilgram.png
A Perfect Winter Romance
AsmoBaby Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 5
Card(s): A Perfect Winter Romance
monSOLO Story Key x3
Belphie Story Key x5
Angeluke Story Key x8
#Snowboarding #ThatsOurBeel

Story Summary

AsmoBaby Beel's sooooo cool!

Beel is snowboarding in a half-pipe and executes an impressively hard trick. Mammon explains to MC, Beel is one of the five best snowboarders in the Devildom and could definitely be a professional snowboarder if he wanted to, but he quit. Beel comes back happy after the successful run and notices that MC is there. If MC asks him why he quit the sport, Beel explains that he couldn’t stand the length of the competitions and the fact he couldn’t eat when he wanted. He then asks MC if they want to give snowboarding a try.

monSOLO The half-pipe is difficult.

Beel invites MC to the half-pipe but Mammon reminds him that MC is a beginner - it’s too hard and they’d get hurt. Beel offers then to teach them the basics and how to glide. If MC can glide a little already, Beel considers them good enough to try half-pipe soon. If MC wants Beel to teach them, he explains to them the right position, balance, and holds them when they attempt to move on the snowboard, making Mammon jealous.

Belphie Straight ahead!

MC and Beel race a bit, but MC loses their balance. Beel manages to catch them but as they attempt to stand on their own, he notices that their legs cannot support them properly and decides it’s time for a break.

Angeluke You can do it if ya try.

When MC is resting, Beel builds a snowman. MC joins him and they compete to see who will make a bigger snowball. After they’re done, Beel’s snowball is bigger and they use it as a body for the snowman, MC’s snowball becomes its head. They decorate the snowman and it starts snowing. Beel flirts with MC and MC can then kiss him or look away. Mammon and Asmo invite MC back to the slope to race, which MC can accept or reject and stay with Beel, but the two demons don’t want to leave them alone.