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A Pair of Ornaments Devilgram.png
A Pair of Ornaments
Mammoney Intimacy: Satan Lv. 7
Card(s): A Pair of Ornaments
AsmoBaby Story Key x3
monSOLO Story Key x5
Lucifer Story Key x10
#Christmas #Ornaments

Story Summary

Mammoney My tree's pretty cool, huh?

Satan wonders if they should keep the Christmas tree that Mammon set up in Christmas Tree and asks MC why they chose spider cocoons as ornaments. Satan points out that once the weather warms up a swarm of venomous spiders is going to hatch and flood the house. He also wonders who exactly collected all the cocoons and comes to the conclusion it's better to take them out to the forest. Satan offers MC that he'll make true ornaments with them and they go to the library to read up on how to do that. Satan admits that the symbols of joy, hope, and dreams aren't relevant to the Devildom at all so demons don't have any knowledge on such themes.

AsmoBaby Let's decorate it with pictu...

Satan and MC start planning the design of the ornaments. Satan found a shop that sells clear ornaments they can use as a base for theirs and paint their own designs on. They decide on the colours, pattern and what to put inside the ornament. Once the plan is done, they put together a shopping list of everything they need for the task.

monSOLO Just like the human world.

Satan is shocked at the Christmas decorations in the town as he wasn't expecting Christmas to become so popular. He complains though that it doesn't look like the Devildom anymore and considers it strange for the Devildom to celebrate Christmas. However, he finds an ornament of a pair of lizards that has been popular too, and brings up a belief that if two people have one of the pair, they'll always be able to find each other. While Satan himself doesn't believe in it, he understands why people want to and suggests buying and putting the lizards on the Christmas Tree. After they're done with their shopping list, it's getting cold so he lends MC his jacket.

Lucifer Satan's sense of style isn't b...

Back in Satan's room, he and MC start making the ornaments. He's very focused on the task but after a while of making the same design, Satan wants to try something new and improvise. If MC is on board, they pick colours and motifs for the ornament. After they have enough they put the ornaments onto the Christmas tree and after the ornaments - the pair of lizards they bought. Once the tree is taken care of, Satan admits that he wasn't getting the Christmas spirit at first and just wanted to spend time with MC, but the fact that it's a day special for MC makes it special for him too. After Christmas, when they collect the decorations to put them away, Satan gives MC one of the lizards and keeps the other so he and MC can always find each other.