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Members: Lucifer, Mammon

Story Chats

Title CG Requirements
Reporting In Lesson 32-16 Hard
Have You Made It Yet? Lesson 50-18

Daily Chats

(Note: days given are approximate and may vary)
Title CG Day Number
Food Theft Prevention 2 Day 196
Fire Hazard Day 434
Something Useful Day 472
Brotherly Love? Day 565
Mammon's Good Deed 2 please add
Intruder Alert! please add
A Daunting Invoice Day 648
No Telepathic Understanding Yet Day 665

Card Chats

Title CG Requirements
I'm Sorry The Guardian Demon
I Will Win Against Him 2 Manga Delicacies
A Tacit Inquiry Partners
The Feeling's Mutual Greed and Pride